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Announcement Sept 15, 2023

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter #31 


Fusako Seiga Hoyrup is the founder and President of the California Chapter of the Wafu School of Ikebana, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. She began her study of ikebana over 60 years ago in Japan under the 2nd Headmaster. She holds the Shukan Degree, the highest achievement level in the Wafu school. Hoyrup Sensei has received numerous awards and commendations throughout the years. To cite just a few of these awards, she was inducted into the Bunka Hall of Fame in 2010 for her excellence and contribution to ikebana. In 2015, the Consul General of Japan San Francisco awarded her an official commendation for her work promoting cultural relations and friendship between Japan and California. In 2019, Hoyrup Sensei received the most prestigious Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays award which was conferred upon her by the government and Emperor of Japan for her contributions to the promotion of Japanese culture in the USA and abroad. Hoyrup Sensei has taught, demonstrated and exhibited throughout the world and is still active today.

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