History of This Ikebana Chapter

ありがとう  – Thank You!



We are deeply grateful to Mrs. Kuwako Takahashi, who was the founding president of this chapter of Ikebana International. Not only did she provide advice throughout the years, but she established and encouraged the highest standards of artistic excellence in Ikebana. Her dedication and artistry were recognized in 1996 when she was awarded the Order of Precious Crown, Ripple, from the Government of Japan for her achievements in promoting cultural and artistic understanding and exchange.

We remember with gratitude Yasundo Takahashi, husband of our founder, and professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. Throughout his long and productive life, Professor Takahashi encouraged and enjoyed his wife’s accomplishments in Ikebana and many other Japanese arts. He recorded them with superb photographs. And a few years before his death in 1996 he designed and put the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter on the worldwide web as part of his personal home page. This revision and update of his original home page is dedicated to his memory.

History of Ikebana
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