Wafu -Ikebana San Francisco Bay Area Chapter #31

Ikebana School: Wafu

The Wafu School – Respecting Nature, Arranging Freely

Headquartered in Japan, the Wafu School of Ikebana emphasizes natural beauty; that is, respect for the characteristic beauty of flowers and plants in their natural state, season by season. Wafukai arrangers strive for exquisite harmony between the flowers, the container, and the environment in which the arrangement is displayed.  With a less restrictive approach to flower arranging than many other schools, the Wafukai philosophy teaches the practitioner to “arrange the flowers that you like – suitably – in a container that you like.” It is a philosophy that respects the artistic sense of the individual arranger, while providing each artist with extensive instruction on the techniques needed for successful creativity.

The school was founded in 1896 by Wafu Teshigahara and was originally called The Japan Ikebana Academy.  Today, the founder’s grandson leads the school.  The Wafu School of Ikebana has chapters throughout Japan and in many major countries, including the United States. One of the most active chapters is in California.