The Sign of  Spring-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter #31 

March program 2023, The Sign of Spring

The Signs of Spring

Yoko Tahara (Ohara) began studying Ikebana in her early 20’s in Japan. She received an Ikebana teaching license, the master’s degree from the Ohara school, in 1989. After moving to the US in 1991, she pursued her Ikebana studies with Grandmaster Suiyo Fujimoto.

She currently holds the Associate First Master degree in Ikebana from Ohara School. She later went to graduate school to study other forms of art, such as printmaking, installations, and public art, and received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at the California College of the Arts (CCA).

She has been teaching Ikebana to adults and children since 2008 on the San Francisco Peninsula. She is a member of the Ikebana North American Teachers Association (NAOTA) and Ikebana International’s San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. She has participated in numerous flower exhibitions and demonstrations at venues such as the Peninsula Museum of Art, Stanford University, Ikebana International in San Francisco and Sacramento, and at North American Ohara Teacher’s Association’s virtual exhibition.