Chiko School is famous for displays of flowers arranged with decorative ornaments and figurines. This results in arrangements which often resemble paintings. Bases of various materials such as mirrors are used and pebbles and sand drawings representing water are also featured.

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In the beginning, Chiko School taught three classical styles of flower arrangements: Kakubana, Nageire, and Morimono. At the present time, Chiko School’s main style is called “Ikebana-Morimono”. With an intention of expressing a characteristic impression, the Chiko School’s Morimono style creates an elegant beauty with a modern sense.

Chiko School arrangements generally include some accessories, such as seasonal fruits or vegetables, ornament, doll, or other artistic or folk object, in addition to the container and floral materials. Sand is often sprinkled at the base, as a way to pull the composition together, giving it depth and feeling. Combining the beauty of flowers with that of these non-floral materials is intended to represent a harmonized refreshment.

One of the characteristics of this school is that pleasure from creating beauty can be achieved with a minimum amount of flowers and materials.

Kao Naruse, the founder of Chiko School, originated the Morimono style. The current president of the school, Kosen Naruse, is the school’s fourth headmistress.

4 thoughts on “Chiko

  1. Minnette Siedenburg

    Could you please tell me where I might locate the cloud boards for the Chiko school. I am a member of the International chapter in Sun City Arizona.
    Minnette Siedenburg

    • Hi Minnette,
      Thank you for the message you left on our website. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the cloud boards for Chiko school. We have a very small representation of Chiko in San Francisco. My best guess would be to contact Chiko Headquarters in Japan. Best,
      Thanh Nguyen

  2. Jane Newman

    I would like to know the history of Chiko School. Could you tell me what year it was established by Kao Naruse?

    • Dear Jane,
      I am sorry,I don’t know any more than what it is on our website. You can contact the Chiko Head Office or Chiko Tokyo Office as follows:
      Chiko Head Office
      2-3-4 Fukada-cho, Nada-ku
      Kobe 657-0038, Japan
      Telephone: 078-851-8113
      Facsimile: 078-881-3305

      Chiko School Tokyo Office
      Koei Tomoda
      1-27-2 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku,
      Tokyo 170-0005, Japan
      Telephone: 03-3941-0917

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