Holiday bazaar and program
December 9th, 2022 11:00

Holiday bazaar and program December 9th, 2022

Holiday bazaar and program December 9th, 2022

On December 9th we will host our annual holiday bazaar and program titled “Holiday Arrangements”. Four schools of Ikebana will be represented.
Our bazaar chairperson, Setsuko Iwami has an exciting array of festivities planned.

Highlights of this event include:

Our cherished local potters Bruno Kark and Thomas and Kathy Arakawa will be selling containers.
We will host a silent auction of previously owned containers by our members.
This is a rare opportunity to purchase a prized container.

Ways and Means
The ways and means table will sell holiday items and ikebana materials and supplies.
Please donate containers and items that other members will cherish.

Art and Craft
A fabulous collection of gift items will be for sale by our talented members.

Lunch entrees and delicious packaged baked goods will be available for purchase.
If you have attended before you will remember that our members are as talented in the kitchen as they are at ikebana. Enjoy these at our event and purchase them as gifts to share with others.

Remember to bring cash! We look forward to celebrating with you.
For additional information please email Setsuko Iwami at

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