The Ikebana Chapter in San Francisco, CA, USA is dedicated to the art of Ikebana.

Thanh Nguyen – President

Thanh Nguyen- President

Thanh Nguyen- President

Born to a family of artists in Vietnam, Thanh was introduced to ikebana at an early age. When she arrived in the USA she began and continues formal studies with Fusako Hoyrup. She holds teaching degrees in Wafukai and Sogetsu Ikebana. She is a graduate of San Jose State University with degrees in Marketing and Engineering. She worked in the high tech industry for 25 years. Now retired, she directs her energies to teaching ikebana classes and a program for seniors in Palo Alto. Recently she spent a summer in Tokyo studying at the Mami Flower Design School. She has demonstrated and exhibited ikebana in many flower shows, Bouquets to Art, the Asian Art Museum, Filoli Gardens, and in Paris, Vietnam, and Manila.




Sharon Krawetz – First Vice President (Headquarters Liaison)

Sharon Krawetz - First Vice President

Sharon Krawetz – First Vice President


Sharon is a Past President of this Chapter and brings more than four decades of ikebana study and exhibition experience to her current office. She studies with Fusako Hoyrup, holds the Gakukan degree in Wafukai, and is Vice President of the California Wafukai Chapter. Born in Texas, she attended university there and moved to the Bay Area with her family in 1960. Sharon is a frequent exhibitor for the Chapter and at community events such as the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival, Filoli Gardens, and Wafukai flower shows. Besides a deep enjoyment of ikebana, she teaches and plays bridge, travels, and reads mysteries.




Keeth Souza-Courpet – Second Vice President

keeth Souza-Courpet - Second Vice President

keeth Souza-Courpet – Second Vice President

With her colleagues, Keeth has prepared a schedule of nine programs for the 2016-2017 season. Prior to her current office, she served as the Chapter’s Historian. She is a native San Franciscan and lives in the South Bay. She received her B.S. degree in Nursing from University of San Francisco. In 2007 Keeth began studying ikebana with Michiko Hosoda in Chiko School. She also studies the aesthetics of ikebana with Christina Schuknecht. She finds great satisfaction in facilitating a support group for cancer patients and in working on environmental issues. She has two young grandchildren who bring her great joy.




The Board of Directors 2016-2017

Board of Directors

Board of Directors







Front row, left to right: Ron Brown, Louise Ow Ling, Sumi Metz, Sharon Krawetz, Thanh Nguyen, Christie Hastings, Joan Finnie, Kathy Toy, Agnes van Boeschoten.

Back row, left to rigfht: Mitsuko Maruyama, Irene Jenkins, Keeth Souza-Courpet, Nadine Suyehiro, Ash Anik, Theodoro Ngo,        Sally Sutherland, Yoko Tahara, Setsuko Iwami.