May 21-22, 2022 – FLOWER SHOW

Sales of : Fresh Flower Arrangements, Ceramics, Ikebana Supplies and Raffles Demonstrations: Saturday, May 21, 2022 12 noon: Wafu School – Susan Okada 2pm: Ikenobo School- Joseph Lam Sunday, May 22, 2022 12 noon: Sogetsu School – Joan Suzuki, Jane Naito & Eko Tjoek 2pm: Ohara School – Setsuko Iwami Tickets: $8 pre-sale (Contact Louise…

Announcement for April 15, 2022-1

April 15, 2022 – Celebrating Spring

Susan Okada’s experiences with ikebana began in Hawaii where she was born. Upon moving to California’s San Francisco Bay area, she enrolled in beginning Wafu ikebana classes offered through the Fremont Union High School District with Michiko Hosoda. Susan has been studying Wafu Ikebana with her sensei, Fusako Seiga Hoyrup, for the past 26 years.…

Announcement March 18, 2022 -sandra hatcher

March 18, 2022 – Spring Medley

Sandra Hatcher is a Senior Professor of Ikenobo (Fukusokatoku). She began her study of Ikenobo in 1994 and has participated in the Ikenobo Study Tour in Kyoto, Japan seven times. She was the first recipient of the Ikenobo Ikebana Northern California Scholarship which was established in 2006 for independent advanced study at Ikenobo headquarters in…

May Announcement 2021 Sumi and Katsuko

May 21, 2021 – May Flowers

We welcome you to our demonstration and exhibition for this year’s final program. On May 21st, Sumi Metz, Aratame School, and Katsuko Thielke, Sogetsu School, will present a program entitled “May Flowers”. The exhibition arrangements were made by six ikebana artists from 5 ikebana schools. Robyn Torres – Sogetsu School Eko Tjoek – Sogetsu School…